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wpf chosen control or multi select combo box

Right now i am working on WPF  Desktop app where i needed a control like multi select combo box or a chosen control where user can select multiple items simultaneously instead of single one. WPF has built in control ListBox but that does not fulfill my requirement.So My solution is actually the extension of Santhosh Kumar‘s Solution.All i have done is that i have made it more user friendly by introducing chips (tags) and made these scrollable. I also made it developer friendly so it can be used with any Collection even by using MVVM pattern without modifying back end code of chosen control.So binding is as simple as other WPF controls for instance List Box. Below is the quick visual introduction of this User Control.


The above image can show you the basic features of this User Control.

  1. It allow you select multiple items
  2. It has two basic buttons to select or clear the selected Items
  3. it allow you to show default message
  4. it allow you to scroll the chips (Tags)
  5. it allow you to remove the chips by cross button


Here i will only discuss how this control can be used in MVVM. I hope you already aware of MVVM patter in WPF. You can fork the complete repository here


Pleas share your thoughts in comments.


  • Reply Ashish Akhare |

    I like your control. I just have one query :- Can I call Clear button or RemoveAllCommand from different button or ViewModel?

So, what do you think ?