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What’s Next as Freelancer ?

I am .net software engineer with 7 years of experience.The projects i have been worked includes from simple desktoptop applications to Complex web applications.Most of my experience is earned from local software houses but at the same time i am 100% Top Rated Upwork Freelancer now and i worked there for 1100 hours plus some fixed price projects. I have developed there web,desktop,server side applications based on web-scrapping, amazon AWS and MWS . Although I am Top Rated Developer there but still i am not getting Long term projects that i should,  in order to grow up. Although as freelancer you can learn a lot of new things. But i am not interested to do simple task with a very low price.I want to do some challenging task in order to grow myself as Software architect, because I am very hardworking and dedicated Person.I love to do Tricky Task, the more challenging Task are more interested to me.So i joined a local community Tech Hub Connect of Freelancers Organised by Govt Of Pakistan, From there after researching i cam to know about a lot more freelancing platforms one of them is  TOPTAL.com. I love to join TOPTAL due to a number of reasons.

  1. There are Hundred of thousands people are going to apply on TopTal but only Top 3% People get Enroll there.Because they have developed very tough screen process to get best Engineers. I see that the engineers who are accepted at TopTal work for clients such as the AirBNB , KDDI
  2. In contrast with Other Freelancing Platforms  they have long term projects which is best to grow your self  as Freelancer,you do not have to work at very low rate with short term projects or minor fixes.
  3. One major problem with other platforms is that you have to look for a good job. And you should always bee there to bid in time. But there TopTal promise you if you accepted there they will give you an opportunity.

Anyway, I’ve just began the interview process at TopTal.com (to become a part of the Web engineers community), and I really like to get in and become one of the freelancers who work there.I would recommend you at least explore TopTal.com ,Find your opportunities there once you think you are a best.

So, what do you think ?