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Accordion Image Slider winform control

We have seen a lot of image Slider Control for web built on jquery but I have created a Thumbnail image slider control for winform that can be used like an ordinary winform control with few lines of code,you can see the Output at bottom.Here is how you can utilize this control.Drop ImageAccordion,PictureBox,Label on the form from the tool box  where ImageAccordion is the control i created , you need to wire up these control like this.

and finally we need to subscribe the ThumbnailChanged event of ImageAccordion Control so we can change Full Preview Image

Accordion Image Slider

image accordion slider winform

Now i would explain in detail how this control works it self. This control is actually composed from three different control 1st of them is the left and right buttons. In order make button fancy i extended the button Class and painted the button graphics so we can get fancy effects,here is the code.

here is the output of AccordionButton you can change the HoverColor,DownColor and Face of the button by chaining Hover,Down Color and Face property respectively

the 2nd control is the thumbnail Box which shows the thumbnails with text in the slider this controls it self composed with a picture box and label.

here is output

Now finally we will compose the ImageAccordiong Control from buttons and thumbnail box we created.

image accordion

hope you like it. you can fork the complete solution on  github. Please share your thoughts.

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  • Reply Mark Ade |

    I love your accordion control, great work!
    I need to build a control browser similar to your accordion control, but with multiple rows and columns of images, any pointers or directions?

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